Meet Our Parent Dogs and Their Precious Puppies

Discover the heartwarming stories of our beloved doodle mothers. Maggie, a first-generation Springerdoodle, adores playtime and affection.  Maggie's pups should mature to 30-35 pound range.  Miracle, another Springerdoodle, is expecting larger puppies maturing to approximately 35-45 pound range. Skye another Springerdoodle is smaller and we expect her pups to mature to 20-25 pound range.  Stay tuned for updates on their adorable offspring, and consider adding one to your family.

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Maggie 2
Best Ever Goldendoodles & Springerdoodles
Best Ever Goldendoodles & Springerdoodles

Scout - Proud Father

Scout, a medium-sized poodle weighing 35–40 pounds, is the father of these adorable puppies. Known for his intelligence, affection, and eagerness to please, Scout contributes his wonderful qualities to each litter.

Available Springerdoodle

No Springerdoodle puppies available at this time.   Next litters will be as follow

Skye  mother paired with Scout  Summer 2024

Maggie mother paired with Scout  Fall/Winter 2024

Miracle mother paired with Reggie  Fall/Winter 2024


Grace - Female

Grace is a great example of our Springerdoodles.  Place your deposit below on the "Buy Now" button to place your deposit to be on our Springerdoodle reserved deposit list.  Also If you prefer to send deposit by paypal or Venmo send me a text at 423-319-9923


Find more photos of previous litters on our Gallery page.

Accepting Deposits for 2024 Springerdoodle Puppies

We're thrilled to announce that we're currently accepting deposits for our 2024 Springerdoodle puppies. Our puppies undergo a vet check for wellness and receive their first round of shots at six weeks of age, ensuring they are healthy and ready to join their new families one week after the vet check.

Process and Notifications

As litters arrive, we'll reach out to our deposit list in the order deposits are received, offering the opportunity to move your deposit to the current litter or hold it for the next litter. Don't wait to add a Best Ever Springerdoodle to your family - make your decision today!

Best Ever Goldendoodles & Springerdoodles
Best Ever Goldendoodles & Springerdoodles

Secure Your Family Member

Take the first step towards welcoming your new furry companion into your home by securing your spot with a deposit of $250.00.  Ensuring that you'll be guaranteed a delightful addition to your family. Explore our selection of Springerdoodle puppies and get ready to embark on an exciting journey filled with love and joy. To secure your preferred puppy choice, email [email protected] now.

Spingerdoodle Temperament 2024 Springerdoodle Puppies

Meet our best-ever Springerdoodles, your ultimate best friend. With their unwavering loyalty and affection in nature, they're the ideal family pet. Consider adding a Springerdoodle to your family, and you can't go wrong.

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